Natacha knew exactly how to make me feel confident and evaluate my real needs as of the very first meeting! Subsequently, during the coaching sessions, I was capable of understanding my limiting beliefs which held me back in my approach with women - which led me to several more personal reflections, allowing me to ultimately change my perception. As one thing lead to another, discussing my values, my vision and objectives as well as how to reach them, I was capable of acquiring the right tools for breaking the pattern! It only took 4 months and I met the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. I am forever thankful.


Absolute Bachelor Club helped me understanding a lot of things. They finally put words on what I feel and that I sometimes don’t understand. The experience was AWESOME! I would recommend to others of course! I would LOVE my future partner to attend this workshop. I think it would really put good foundations in the relationship.


I would definitely recommend this workshop! It was very interesting and enlightening. What intrigued me most was finally putting words to both my perceptions and observations. Doing so will allow me to see more clearly in my future relationships.


I found the workshop excellent! I particularly like the honesty of the approach. The experience was exceptional. One thing I liked was the quality of the service. Millionaire Search helped me by introducing me to amazing women.


Having met other matchmakers in the past, and having been less than impressed with their prowess and selection, it was a refreshing change to meet Natacha. From the start, she was extremely attentive to my feelings and thoughts on dating and relationships and painstakingly wrote everything down. She asked for pics of previous relationships to serve as a benchmark for my tastes in women. She seemed very intuitive and very committed to her clients happiness.  I have already been introduced to two women, both of whom meet my high standards for intelligence, appearance, and decorum. All in a space of two weeks.  As the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding" and so far Natacha has not disappointed.


On May 8, 2021, Larry proposed and I said yes! He’s everything I have ever dreamed of and more! You could have introduced him to any other girl but you chose me to be his match and now I will become his wife. I will forever be thankful. We want you to know that you will always be a part of our story!


Engaged to Millionaire Search International Client