Date Coaching for Women

Meet the man of your dreams

If you know me personally – you already know the media calls me the Matchmaker for the 1%.

I help well-established men and women find a significant other through introductions and my secret laws of attraction dating program.

And today, I want you to join my network of absolutely amazing singles and give you the opportunity of meeting someone that you can envision yourself building a life with.


So whether you are looking to…

Find the man of your dreams, get married and start your family.

Start dating again, after a divorce or separation.

Live happily ever after but not necessarily get married


The coaching Opportunity I am  Presenting To You Today… 

May Change Your Life Forever!

You want to date a partner that is ready to love and be loved. Available and high-value singles are looking for men and women who know how to communicate, who understand their own needs and requirements, who have a balanced life and who are in a headspace where they can enjoy life to the fullest. Our clients desire to build their legacy and a strong relationship is at the core of that legacy. 


This is your opportunity to do the work so that you are not playing games, don’t sabotage your relationships and know-how to attract a high-quality significant other and keep them.


So, if you’re a single woman looking to meet amazing men that are ready for true love, keep reading. 



INSIDE my Raining Quality Men Program

Raining Quality Men was specifically designed to help high-value women of substance from all around the world get connected directly to established single men that are difficult to meet!


Are you committed to Find Your Soulmate, Your Significant Other, Your Husband, Your Life Partner, Your Best Friend, and your Lover?


As you can clearly see, I’ve dedicated my life to helping elite single men and women find each other. I have created an amazing program to help women like you make their dreams come true.


The value inside is unlike anything else out there – You’re absolutely going to love it!


All you have to do is click the button on this page and get on a complimentary clarity session before you decide to join!

Think about it, inside this community we’re providing you with all of the tools, insider secrets, strategies, and tactics you’ll need to attract a high-quality man and keep him.


But not only that, we’ll be showing you exactly how to leverage your qualities, remain authentically you, and stand out from the crowd so that you do not get lost in the very populated noise of social media or online dating apps.


And that doesn’t even take into account how many valuable connections you’ll make with other single women and dating experts you’ll meet inside of this program.


Joining this program, Is An Absolute No Brainer For Any Woman Who wants to be in a mature relationship and experience love and intimacy with a successful man who also wants to find his perfect match.


For fast action takers, we’ll even throw in some exclusive bonuses to help you get started immediately.


So if you are someone looking to level up your dating game, This should be the easiest decision of your life.

Because just ONE shift, one feedback, one new tool to start dating intentionally, can make the right guys appear in your life and never leave.


And you’d have to consciously decline the dates that you are invited to for this not to work.

So if you’re ready, all you have to do is click the link on this page, fill out the application form and join the program!



  • Understand Female – Male Energy
  • How to speak to guys without feeling like you need to be a different person than you are at work.
  • The Emotional Needs of Men and Women
  • Recognizing Emotionally Unavailable Men
  • Understanding your own feelings when you meet someone new so that you can stop overanalyzing everything you do and stop questioning where the relationship will go.
  • Understanding the different interest levels in relationships
  • Stop questioning what went wrong and knowing without the shadow of a doubt that you are making the right decisions.
  • How to Screen high-quality men from the players
  • Find out where are the high-quality men
  • How to get to I do
  • Understanding your boundaries
  • Recognizing which patterns you are at risk of repeating
  • Does and don’ts for sexual engagement in 2021

There’s still time to register before we get started! All you have to do is visit HERE and enter your information.

If you’re at the point where you’re ready to do what it takes to settle down the right way once and for all… If you’re tired of wasting time & losing your time with attracting emotionally unavailable men who lose interest or won’t commit.

Then this program is definitely for you.


Book a clarity session now.

Start a family

Find a supportive spouse that already has children and wants to create a new family with you and your children…

Date Coaching for Men

Are you a successful guy in business or in your career but haven’t been able to experience the same success in your love life? If this sounds like you then read below and opt-in to watch my masterclass.

This Masterclass is for men who have been extremely successful at everything else in life with the exception of the “elusive’’ committed relationship with an attractive woman; a woman who takes your breath away but seems to be out of reach. You have never failed at anything in life that you have set your mind to, but you have exhausted all avenues to meet those “high value” women; you’ve seen them but have yet to capture her heart. 


5  Simple Steps for established men to achieve a successful relationship with an extremely beautiful woman of substance without compromising on standards even if you think you have tried everything or have been rejected in the past..


1. Do you feel cheated despite having the money, the status and the looks when the 9’s and 10’s reject you, when you feel you have so much to offer? 

2. Does it send off a “trigger” when a woman tells you she would rather be friends despite your wealth, notoriety, your physical shape, and your lavish lifestyle? 

3. Do you put up with shit from women because you are too embarrassed to tell your friends about or you just flat out believe she’s the best you can find?

4. Do you meet women who seem to be the perfect partner for weeks, or even months, until they say or do something, and you suddenly realize they will not be Mrs. Right?

5. Do you hear a voice inside your head telling you are unworthy of having a gorgeous woman by your side?

6. Have you had an expensive, painful, and emotionally charged divorce? You prefer to settle for a broken, or average woman, instead of pursuing the ones you really want afraid of a repeat?


7. Do you seem to be attracting women who are more attracted to your money than to you?

8. Do you secretly feel alone, or lonely, with no one you can trust or confide in? 

9. Do you carry the weight of family and friends on your shoulders, wondering what’s wrong with you when labeled as the quintessential ladies’ man? 

10. Do you start to wonder if there is something wrong with you?


Opt-in here to watch the webinar

Relationship Coaching for Couples

Our program is designed for you if you are experiencing any of the below-listed statements


-My Partner and I fight and I don’t know how to stop it

-My partner and I disagree on many topics

-My partner and I argue over the same little things over and over again

-My partner shuts down when I address certain issues

-My partner and I barely speak

-My partner is always negative

-My partner and I consistently bicker

-I have the impression I am walking on eggshells

-I am afraid to speak-up

-I am financially unfaithful and keep my partner in the dark with spending habits

-My partner is financially unfaithful and keeps me in the dark with spending habits

-My partner and I live separate lives

-I believe everything would be OK if he or she, would just change. 

-Little things feel like big things now

-Our sex life isn’t the same anymore

-Affection is withheld as punishment

-There are ongoing relationship issues.

-I am having an affair or thinking of having one

-My partner had an affair


Couple’s Coaching – What we will cover

1. Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

2. The art of effective communication – Essential skills

3. Conflict Resolution Process

4. Positive Communication, Empathy, Compassion, Appreciation, Acknowledgement, & Validation

5. Balancing “me” and “we” in a relationship

6. Integrating Tools, specific techniques for clearing stories, programs, patterns, limiting beliefs, & exercises

7. Taking Ownership for Stories, programs, patterns, & limiting beliefs

8. Integrating Specific Techniques for Clearing them

9. Coaching Couples to Design a Plan of Action

10. Creating & Implementing a Plan of Action

11. Accountability, Plan Management & Success

12. Managing Resistance

13. Understanding the Science of Change


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