If you’re looking for quality introductions that match your search criteria, are living an exciting life, and have the right person next to you to share it is the missing link to achieving your relationship goals then you’re certainly in the right place. 

Let’s get down to business and lay out specifically who this is – and is NOT – for. Fair enough? 

Let’s Break It Down

Matchmaking is for:

  • Men and women who are financially stable, single never married, separated, divorced or widowed, not living with anyone in a primary relationship, AND seeking commitment or marriage 


  • People who value making someone a priority in their life and contributing to a relationship just as much as they value being pampered. 


  • People who are HONEST and have INTEGRITY in their approach and who enjoy sharing their life with someone. 


  • People who know they can benefit from being in a significant relationship, can grow from one and are willing to WORK to make that happen. 


  • People who are already taking action, and who want to build a “beautiful life” and bring a sense of belonging, aliveness, deep purpose, love, happiness, and family values to their life.

Matchmaking is NOT for:

1 . People who just want to “meet people” but don’t yet know if they want to be in a significant relationship.


2. People who do NOT want to ever work for their happiness and hope that happiness will fall on their laps


3. People who are perpetually in “information gathering” mode and are not prepared to take action and get results.


4. More importantly, you’ll need to be prepared to implement changes in your life and work harder than you’ve ever worked before.
(In other words, there are no “easy buttons” and coaching doesn’t work by magic…)


And let’s just be completely up-front about a matchmaking membership: it is an investment.

How it works

You will be going through an hour-long evaluation.
At the bottom of this page, you’ll see an application with a few personal questions about yourself. We’re really just trying to only recruit the finest members for our exclusive clubs.

After a thorough review of the application, you will either:


(1) Be informed that your profile is not eligible for membership at this time.


(2) Receive an invite to join Absolute Bachelor Club or Millionaire Search International as a client.


(3) Be invited to join our waiting list until we have a space for you.


(4) Be invited to join the database.


Spaces in this program are extremely limited so we’ll have to be very selective about only accepting clients who are ready to make huge leaps in their lives over the next several months.

The database for women is unlimited and does not guarantee any matches.