Hello, I am Natacha Noël and I have found my passion in life: I am a professional Matchmaker. I graduated from University of Montreal with a B.SC in Communications and perfected my skills in broadcast radio and television at Promédia. I began my journey as a Love and Relationship Expert in 2007 when I landed a very rewarding Sex Show Host position on Taboo (CPAM 1610 am). This was a catalyst and gave me the confiidence to apply as a Relationship Consultant for a large relationship agency in 2008. I ultimately founded Absolute Bachelor Club www.absolutebachelorclub.com to help affluent professionals, entrepreneurs, business men, public figures and artists find their true love.

Prior to getting into the matchmaking business, I pursued journalism and acting.  The one thing that those professions have in common is they are about connecting with people. As an editor in chief of Souche Magazine I have had to interview many people which prepared me for screening and qualifying the greatest singles I could come across. With acting there is something similar in that I have to connect with my characters and be in the moment with the other actors. That’s why I love Matchmaking, because it’s all about helping people who are right for each other make connections. Being a matchmaker absolutely fulfills everything I love. Let me share with you that I am a believer of prince charming and that I believed in Santa Clause as long as a child could. I founded Absolute Bachelor Club so that women could be connected with complete, attractive, like-minded, compatible, affluent men. That is why I named the company Absolute Bachelor Club. Absolute represents the holy grail of eligible men! When I am asked the question: Why do you mostly represent male clients? the answer is simple: I believe in traditional courtship. I believe that despite living in a modern world, the fundamentals between man and woman do not change.

Absolute Bachelor Club does it all, I get to reach thousands of people, connect with them and help them fall in love!

Live Life, Experience Love